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Introducing The Hi-Tech Skating Sock.

The Floquiya Hi-Tech Skating Sock is made of high quality Merino Wool to offer you the most comfortable and breathable fit inside your boot.

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Merino Wool

Durable and Breathable

Ultra Soft

A lightweight sustainable fiber

3 Colors Available

Quick Drying

& Odor Resistant


What are skaters saying?

I like the quick-dry feature when changing from one rink to another. There’s nothing worse than putting on a wet sock from the previous rink. These socks eliminated that irritation.


Professional Performer & Coach 

from Roseville, Minnesota

A strong and durable product that holds up through the week. Cuts down on the odor and sweat; very comfortable to wear whether it be for coaching or performance. Highly recommended.


Skater & Coach

from Boston, MA

I really liked how these actually cut down on the smell. Normally after one wear, I have to throw my socks right into the wash. These I could wear several times, even weeks, and not be in a rush to wash them. 


Competitor from

New York, NY