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Enchanting Audiences In Unexpected Venues With Glisse On Ice

You may find them at the center of an intricately decorated ballroom, inside of an elegant castle in the center of Toronto, city rooftops, winter festivals or wedding receptions. Who are they? The Glisse Skaters of Glisse on Ice headed by the creative entrepreneur, Chantal Fry. Chantal is bringing the art of skating to the most unexpected places using the most innovative synthetic ice surface, gorgeous costumes and performers of all different disciplines. Chantal's story will inspire all creatives to take that leap of faith solely motivated on pure passion.

What is your skating story?

Chantal: I fell in love with skating the moment I stepped on the ice at about 5 years old in Toronto. It felt like I was flying and I was instantly hooked. I gravitated towards the creative side of skating but had to work really hard on the technical side. Training each summer in Lake Placid helped me to improve and really focus on my skills as well as make great friends. I was later invited to compete and train in France, I loved how no matter where I was in the world the skating community was like a family. I was asked to perform in the Saturday night shows in Lake Placid and a choreographer from Vegas took me aside and said have you ever considered show skating? I had no idea what that was! I set off to audition for shows and landed a spot on the Holiday on Ice tour. I fell in love with Europe and stayed once the tour was over. While Travelling back and forth between shows in Canada and Europe when I was 22 I had a little surprise and discovered I was pregnant with twins! I stayed in the South of France to have my babies and a year later was asked to perform at the Lido de Paris.

What has been your most memorable experience working as a professional ice skater?

Chantal: Le Lido de Paris is without a doubt the best show skating experience of my life. To be surrounded by so much glamour at an Iconic Cabaret on Les Champs Elyses in Paris was beyond measure. I would stand backstage in my skates watching these gorgeous feathered showgirls twirl about and soak in the sheer magnificence of it all. Skating on a tiny surface was very intimidating at first but then I loved the idea of skating on stage and out of context. The idea was born when I was stuck up in the rafters of Le Lido before they would lower me down onto the stage to skate.

Chantal Fry, Creator of Glisse on Ice

When did you fall in love with performing on ice?

Chantal: I fell in love with skating the moment I stepped on the ice. Performing was a gradual build between dance, theatre and the arts training but the turning point was the shows in Lake Placid while still competing and when my Dad took me to the Lido when I was 14. I saw the adagio team and dreamed of skating on a stage one day... I knew I could never be a world champion but I dreamed of being a showgirl.

What inspired you to create Glisse On Ice?

Chantal: The idea was born when I was performing at Le Lido de Paris and I was stuck up 50 feet above in the rafters before they would lower me do