Skate Global with Elladj Balde

Elladj Balde was born in Russia. His journey as a figure skater started at six years old in Montreal, Canada. His mother's enormous passion for the sport was something that she had always hoped to instill in him from a young age. Through Elladj's 20 years of competing, it is this passion that has stuck by him and pushed him to persevere through his entire competitive career. It is also this passion that allows Elladj to stand out as a unique performer as he moves forward in his performing career and beyond!

How has your skating career evolved?

Elladj: Throughout my own personal competitive career, I was constantly struggling with adversity and times of low self confidence. My mind was so concerned with the stress of technical execution that I wasn't allowing myself to do what I love; Perform. As many of you know, it is in this performance arena where I was able to find my stride as well as my individual purpose as not only a skater but an entertainer to audiences. The day that I decided to connect with my passion and embrace the artist inside of me was a turning point in my life as well as my career. I started to feel in control of my destiny and in turn, my technical training didn't feel so draining and I started to enjoy the journey of competitive figure skating. In this sport, I didn't always have the outcome I wanted, but with dedication to my individual purpose I am able to walk away a mentally stronger human who is satisfied with what I have contributed to the sport. With a strong base of loyal fans all over the world, I am also able to live out a fruitful show career as well as many wonderful performance and choreographic opportunities that I have always dreamed of being involved with!

What is a career highlight for you?

Elladj: I recently finished working with Cirque du Soleil. Being able to be involved with the choreography team on creating a show of that magnitude was such an incredible learning experience for me. Figure skating has allowed me the opportunity to travel to so many different parts of the world and it has also connected me with wonderful people. I am so grateful for this aspect of what I do.

What is Skate Global and what inspired you to create it?

Elladj: Skate Global is a multi faceted platform that provides assistance and training methods to young figure skaters all around the world. We bring a fresh new outlook and approach to figure skating training seminars through first hand knowledge and mentorship, creative development tools and mental empowerment techniques to build confidence behind the performance. The number one goal of Skate Global is to give back to the community by inspiring students with valuable knowledge that can propel young athletes to success both on and off the ice. I truly believe that the lack of balance between technical execution and artistic development is something that is preventing a lot of figure skaters from enjoying their journey and harnessing their own uniqueness within the sport. My decision to start Skate Global came from this very issue that I experienced myself in my own career. I decided to create company where the focus is just as heavy on mental strength, artistic connection and performance quality as it is technical execution. I have assembled the best figure skaters in Canada to be a part of our Skate Global Star Faculty Team. We are here to bring out the best in young skaters and give them that boost of inspiration and confidence that will ignite their fire so they can continue to grind day to day in pursuit of their dreams.