Skater Spotlight: Sammie Veloso

Here on Skater Spotlight, we feature skaters in our community who are doing cool things in hopes to inspire, motivate and spread the word about the unlimited opportunities of our awesome sport!

Sammie competed through the senior level in ladies division until 2011 and began her first professional contract in 2013. She has since worked for 4 different ice show companies spanning several contracts and 5 years as a solo skater. Currently she is half of an adagio pair team with her partner Trent and they have completed 3 contracts together in the past year and a half. In addition to 7 ship contracts with Bietak Productions, she has worked for Wheeler Productions and Dynamic Shows and she has performed in Broadway on Ice holidays of 2014 and 2015. Sammie currently lives at sea, performing on board Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships.

What surprised you most about ship life?

Sammie: I was surprised at how quickly friendships are made and how your cast becomes family in just weeks. With ships and Bietak productions, I am constantly surprised how many shows and skaters are operating at any given moment. 12 ships, some with multiple ice shows, with either 10 or 12 skaters performing all year round is a big machine to power!

What is hardest to explain to others who don't live at sea?

Sammie: It’s hard to explain how you miss the simplest of every day things. For instance- driving your car around, cooking, being around pets and animals- all things people may take for granted but that we don’t have on ships. Ships are really another world so different from normal life but only those who experience working on ships truly understand.

What is your favorite cruise ship port and why?

Sammie: It’s difficult to choose just one! I would say San Juan if in the Caribbean, and maybe Palma de Mallorca in Europe. Old town in San Juan is so lovely and clean, wonderful cafes and historic streets. Just a few minutes away is the beach and waterfront area. You have rainforests nearby is you wish to take a tour. So many things to offer! Mallorca is similar in that there is so much variation with wonderful food, shopping and beaches. Not to mention super scenic and beautiful!